My Teaching Style

My teaching style is very friendly and encouraging while goal directed and serious when necessary.  I teach each student based on their individual personalities, needs and goals.  No two students learn the same way or have the same interests and I respect and enjoy that aspect of teaching!  Learning to make beautiful music, especially on a stringed instrument, is not easy and requires focused practice time outside of lessons.  It is a long term commitment to be successful and I will do all I can to help each student feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their hard work.
I have certain repertoire requirements of all students, i.e. scales, etudes, etc.  However, I fully support and encourage each student to explore different genres and find the area of music making that most fulfills them as individuals.  Whether that means Suzuki, Classical, Fiddling or Rock n' Roll, I am fully prepared to help them follow their musical tastes!


Practice Requirements

Practice requirements are different for every student.  Required time ranges from 15 minutes a day for beginners to an hour+ a day for more advanced students.  A musical instrument can not be mastered during lessons, practice is a critical part of skill mastery.  Each student will have a lesson notebook where their weekly assignments will be written out.  It will be advantageous for parents to be aware of the student's assignments so they can help steer the practice time to be productive and focused on the skills the student is trying to learn. 

Recitals and Studio Classes

Each spring I will hold a studio recital to showcase all of the progress the students have made and to provide practice in performing.  These performances will be excellent practice for students wanting to audition for local Youth Symphonies or Solo and Ensemble Competitions.

In addition, I will offer special studio classes on select Saturdays depending on schedules.  These may range from master classes with area musicians, Music Theory "Parties", Music History lessons, or group performance opportunities. 

Above all, our goals as parent, teacher and student are to have fun while enriching our lives through music!