Studio Policy

Registration Tuition/Payment
  • Monthly tuition is determined by the number of lessons scheduled for the month as determined by the studio calendar.  Lesson fees are $22 per each 30-minute lesson or $32 for each 45 minute lesson.
  • Invoices will be issued via email at the end of each month detailing the scheduled lessons for the next month and the amount owed at the next lesson. 
  • Payment of either cash, check (made to Julie Handwerker), or credit card is accepted and will be due at the first lesson of each month. 
Termination of Lessons
  • If lessons need to be discontinued for any reason, notice can be given by phone, email, or in person and must be done so one month in advance.
  • I will provide a studio calendar or inform you of important dates in advance.
  • I am an actively performing musician and as such there will be instances when I may need to reschedule lessons to accommodate performances or rehearsals.  You will be notified of these dates at least 2 weeks in advance and make up lessons can be scheduled.
  • The student may also take scheduled times off throughout the year when needed
  • Lesson times will be re-scheduled for summer and return to regular times in September
  • Regular attendance is key to your success as a student.  If you will not be able to make your lesson, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance when possible.  If your lesson is missed due to illness or an emergency situation, a make-up lesson will try to be arranged, but it is not promised.  Please note: Due to the complexity of our schedules, make-up lessons are NOT guaranteed, so please do your best to make your weekly lesson. 
Preparation and Lesson Materials
  • An assignment list will be provided at the end of each lesson outlining what items should be practiced before the following lesson.  Suggested or necessary method books will also be included on that list, which can be purchased at Heid Music.
  • Please take the time during the week to practice and become a better musician!