My path to becoming a music teacher has more twists and turns than your typical violin/viola instructor.  I played viola very actively all through high school and considered majoring in music at that time.  I decided to earn a degree in chemical engineering instead and attended Michigan Technological University.   After earning my degree I worked for Kimberly-Clark for eight years before quitting to stay home with my three children.  After some time at home I realized I am an individual that requires some personal goals outside of the family life.  I wanted to go back to work, but not in the engineering field.  I wanted to have a career that I truly loved and that I woke up excited to pursue every morning.  After some soul searching I realized how much I missed having music in my life and I decided to go back to school to earn a degree in Viola performance.  

I attended UW-Oshkosh and studied with Klara Fenyo-Bahcall to earn my degree.  I studied both violin and viola and am well versed in music pedagogy.  I made the right choice as I have found a deep joy in teaching young people the art of music making!  I have taught with the Menasha AfterBeat program for several years and have maintained a small private studio.  I also perform with the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra, the Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra, and the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra.  In addition, I have a love for chamber music that leads me to play with other local musicians all around the Valley.  My teaching, musical, and engineering experience offers a nice blend of knowledge and experiences that I can share with your child.

I tailor every lesson to each student's needs and interests.  I believe that any form of music in a child's life is a benefit and I want to further their interests while introducing them to other types of music that they may grow to love.  I teach theory, practice strategies, performance strategies, and life skills such as time management and perseverance in every lesson.  I work to make sure your child leaves each lesson with a sense of accomplishment and pride over what they have achieved.  Which I hope they do feel because making beautiful music is hard work, but worth every ounce of effort put into it!